Playmaker's HR




Welcome to our web-site, where You can find all basic information about our work with such a noble dog race as American Staffordshire terrier is. We have been involved in dog breeding since our first days, but real love with this particular breed was born at the begining of this century, when Alfa Diva Sting(Oxa) came in our lives. So, as a story often goes: we can't imagine our lifes without this wonderfull breed any more! Beloved companion, always ready for new frontiers, to serve and protect it's familly, play with children and be beside us even in sad moments - that is what an Amstaff is all about!!! We are raising our dogs at our home in Poreč(Croatia), with our kids Emanuel,Anthony and Evelyn, trying to do our best in preserving the unique type and temperament of playfull brave gentlemen as they are, time will tell if we are going to succeed in acheaving our goals. If You have any questions about our dogs or our work with them -please - feel free to contact us:

 Rinaldo Kvesić
+385 98 195 71 21