What are some of the things that keep you from being in alignment with who you really are? What resources are hidden from your sight?


I create the space and assist you in recognizing your resources and in reaching out for them. Thus strengthened with your inner forces you can encounter new challenges and face situations before you regardless of their character and degree of difficulty, or simply rejoice the blessings of your new discoveries.


I can help you with:

-        Lack of self-confidence, low self esteem

-        Guilt, grief or fear

-       The feeling of being overwhelmed/stressed

In whatever situation we find ourselves, there is always a safe resort inside of us that we can come to. It is a place from where the perspective of our everyday situations changes, a place which nurtures us and where the source of our inner strength lies, a place where we can look for our inner resources often hidden from our sight in this crazy race we call life.


Coaching session
One hour to one and a half hour session live or by sype. 

Special offer
One to one meditation session - 2 hrs, live or by skype.