For the curious ones a bit more of my biography


For many years I have been looking for myself – outside and in the world – until I found inner richness…


It does not mean I don't travel any more. On the contrary – I do – and with awakened senses and fulfilled I enjoy it even more!


I started my journey of exploration of the inner world in the early 1990's at the same time living my outer life fully. I was going in for numerous recreational sports and hobbies, travelling being my favorite. I was writing poetry and essays, learning foreign languages, always acquiring new skills and collecting certificates, socializing extensively.


I got a degree in Economics, had managerial positions, was involved in education...  using all the external to go in deeper. I used to say I liked jobs with a mission until I realized my life itself was a mission.


Ever since my early childhood I have been interested in the world around me and had numerous questions popping up – how it all works, why it works the way it does, what is the spiritus movens of everything, why we are here. I am eager to go down to the bottom of things and find the roots and causes of many situations. Being a Scorpio I am passionate about all this.


 I have always enjoyed being the observer of life that was happening around me and in my early twenties I started being a witness to my own inner life as well.


The time has come when I want to share. 



At my leisure time...