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3/13/1884 – 2/1/1953

Anica (Anna) and her twin sister Manda were born to Ivan Mikulich and Mary Romic on March 13, 1884 in the village of Podlapaca, Croatia.

Anna, at the age of 21, traveled to the United States from Bremen, Germany on the North German Lloyd Ship, Chamniska, landing on September 16, 1905, in Baltimore, Maryland. The ship manifest lists a Mile Paun, 25, and Marko Russcic, 19, from Podlapaca. Others from Podlapaca may have been traveling on the same boat but her sheet is numbered from 1-25 only. Her alien registration number is 22818442. She went to live with their brother, Nick Mikulich, at 8911 Howard St., South Chicago, Illinois. They then all moved to Gary, Indiana. On registering for the World War I draft, he lists Annie Mikulich as his closest relative residing at 2217 Massachusetts St, Gary. Her sisters Manda, Kata and brother Luka also came to South Chicago, Illinois and then to Gary, Indiana, but went to Cuyuna Iron Range area in Minnesota to find work in the mines. Her sister, Matija, stayed in Podlopaca, Croatia. Roza, the prettiest of the girls, came to the US, married a Croatian man and he sent her back to Croatia. At age 36 she ran away with a gypsy to the village of Barlete, near Gospic. Contact with her was lost and no one heard from her again.

At the age of 22, Anna married Marko Cvitkovich on January 7th, 1906, and had 10 children: John (4/18/1907-11/14/1969),
Mary (3/5/1909-1/12/1991),
Michael (10/15/1911-3/19/1983),
Nick (2/10/1913-10/31/1988),
Wilhelm (5/29/1916-8/14/1927),
Helen (4/23/1919),
Mildred (3/1/1924-10/16/1996),
George 4/27/1923-1/18/1989),
Mark 2/15/1925),
Steve (6/18/1927-10/28/1994).

In 1918, at age 34, Anna was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighted 189 pounds. She had brown hair and brown eyes. This was the year she went to Riley Grade School to learn to read and write English. She could sign her name, but her speaking, reading and writing in English was limited. She applied for citizenship but did not complete the schooling required. Her intent for naturalization paper is number 1649470 dated 11/14/1922. She traveled extensively through the United States with her friend Mrs. Nicksic and relatives after her children were on their own. Anna was a diabetic and died of pancreatic cancer on Saturday, 2/1/1953 in Kenner Hospital, Chicago, after a lingering illness.

Anna’s Siblings

Her twin sister, Manda, (4/18/1884-11/25/1938) married her first husband, ? Rosandich, at the age of 16. They came to the USA and had 3 children, a girl and 2 boys. When her husband died, (He is buried in a Hammond, Indiana cemetery-currently researching this) she went back to Croatia to live with her in-laws. After her two boys died, she returned to the US with her daughter, Marija. Marija married Steve Mesich. Marija had 3 children, but only the daughter, Rose is known. She died in 1949 in a sanitarium.

Manda lived in South Chicago and then Gary with Anna. They both worked for a time in their brother’s grocery store. Manda moved to Hibbling, Minnesota with her sister Kata and brother Luka where he found work in the iron mines.

In northern Minnesota, Manda married her second husband Louis Duich who died 11/1/1919 during the flu epidemic the day after their son Louie was born. With Louis Duich she had 6 children:
Ana (6/4/1909) (Ernest Otto),
John who died at birth,
John (called Jack) 4/7/1912-1/24/1994) (Rosann),
Victor (5/27/1914-6/9/1983) (Eleanor),
Luciea – died at birth,
Louis (10/31/1918-2004) (Dorothy).

They had a big pink house in Cuyuna, Minnesota.

Manda’s third husband, Joe Mesich (2/15/1888-11/21/1929), was a brother-in-law to her daughter, Marija. They had 3 children;
Kathryne (5/10/1921) (George Sharp),
Joseph (5/2/1924-12/10/1965) (Margaret) and
Louis, who died as an infant.

Her brother, Nick Mikulich, (10/25/1877-4/10/1940) came to the US about 1900 on a cattle boat. He was a tall man, about 6’3” He married Anna Swager and had a son, John, in 1902. John was crippled (deformity of cervical vertebrae) as a baby when his carriage fell down some stairs. He passed away 3/22/1916 due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

In 1904 he came to South Chicago and in 1906 to Gary, Indiana. Nick divorced Anna Swager, moving to 2217 Broadway St, Gary and bought a grocery store according to the 1920 census. Nick became a naturalized citizen in 1915. He married Anna (Bucha) Ribar from Czechoslovakia. On 12/19/1916-3/26/1934 their son, Steve was born, followed by John George on 11/29/1919, and a daughter, Helen on 7/13/1927-2/15/2002.

A resident of Gary for 33 years and a pioneer steel city grocer, Nick had diabetes and died of gangrene and uremia and is buried at Calumet Park Cemetery. He operated a grocery at 4535 Broadway for many years. He also owned 80 acres with a home, butcher shop (currently Piatek meat market) and the Mikulich picnic grounds at 63rd and Broadway, Gary, Indiana. During the depression he sold 40 acres at the corner of 61st and Broadway. He also owned 140 acres at 83rd and Mississippi St. Merrillville, Indiana.

Kata Mikulich may have come to the US with her sister, Manda’s second voyage to the US. They stayed with their sister, Anna for a time in Gary and East Chicago, Indiana. They (Manda, Kata and brother, Luka) went to northern Minnesota’s mining country. Kata’s first husband, Steve Minrich and son, John died. With her second husband, Nikola Mazar, she had 6 children:
Mary (10/5/1913) (Edwin Hulin),
John (1914-1980) (Jean) (policeman),
twins-Paul (9/25/1916) (Mary) & Peter (9/25/1916) (wife?),
Madelyn (Manda) (9/21/1921-11/2/1993) (John Dukich),
Louis (9/4/1927) (Deanne).

Luka Mikulic was born 6/29/1890 and died 2/23/1971. He arrived in the US in May of 1907 at the age of 18, departing from Bremen, Germany on the ship Karlsruke, arriving at Baltimore, Maryland. His destination was South Chicago, Illinois to his brother, Nikola Mikulich. He declared intention of naturalization in Crow Wing, Minnesota some time between 1915 and 1922. His Social Security number is 516-09-1906 with a residence at 59701 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana. This is also his place of death in 1971. His first wife was Gracie, with whom he had a daughter, Nina (Fred Wilson). He was a miner in Utah and Butte, Montana. He lived with his niece, Kathryne (Mesich) Sharp, between wife #1 and #2. His second wife, Katie from Ogden, Utah also divorced him. He married again, but who she was is unknown, they divorced and he moved back to Montana.

Matija Mikulich, the oldest of Ivan & Mary’s children, was born in Podlapaca, Croatia 1872 and passed away in Zagreb,1946. She was the only one who did not go to the US. Her first husband, ? Paun brought 4 children from his first marriage. The only one known is Tomo (or Topo) Paun.
She married her second husband, Stanko Poljak, in 1900. His first wife died and left him with 4 children. Matija and Stanko had four children;

Marija - (1900-1981) married Ivan Javor and their baby died at 1 year old.

She was called “Sheriff” (because when I was a little, Mom went to work and left me with her to take care of me, I was playing with her cowboys and sheriff and she was a sheriff so I always ask Mom to take me to Aunt Sheriff, ha what a story) and smoked a pipe.

Ana (1914-1975) was never married and she worked all of her life in Zagreb as a nurse. These two sisters lived in Zagreb and they helped raise their brothers Ivan’s children. They came from the village of Podlapaca to Zagreb for schooling. Ana helped a lot, she was a hart of woman, everyone adored her.

Marko (1915-1998) married Ana Rosandic and spent most of his life as a laborer (shoe maker) in West Germany. He had one daughter (Jadranka) and one son (Branko).

Ivan (1904-1944) married Kata Paun (1906-1978) and had 8 children. Ivan died leaving Kata a young widow. She had a very hard life in the village of Podlapaca. She sent her children to Zagreb for schooling. During the WW2 when they escaped in front of Chetnik (Serbian quisling soldiers) from Podlapaca to Gospic, because they were so poor, Kata wanted to throw in the river her 3 youngest kids: Stanko, Ana (my mother) and Ante (Toni).


This is only a one generation story of my grandmother and her siblings as much as I have been able to accumulate at this time.

Correction and additions are being researched to revise some areas.
If you have any corrections or additional information, please notify me so I can include them in my main copy.